Scottish Home Report

Mobile and desktop surveying solution for the completion of Scottish Home Reports


The CoreLogic Scottish Home Report App provides an effective method of electronic data collection, with inbuilt validation and formatting that meets the requirements of the Scottish Home Remote legislation and RICS Regulations. The App reduces turnaround time and improves consistency and quality of reporting, enabling surveyors to be more productive with each job they undertake.

The Home Report App allows surveyors to capture information on-site required to create the Single Survey, generic Mortgage Valuation Report and Energy Performance Certificate that form part of the Scottish Home Report.  Combined with our desktop Surveyor Portal, Surveyors can easily manage and compile all elements of a Scottish Home Report, including the sellers ‘Property Questionnaire’. In addition to providing Surveyors the ability to edit and create draft reports for customer review, the Surveyor Portal helps improve control of documentation and reduce administration via electronic customer feedback and interaction.

Key features - Single Survey (mobile)

  • Capture data electronically including site notes, sketches and photographic evidence to build the Single Survey.
  • Use standard and custom phrase generation within the App to generate reports and site notes quickly and consistently.
  • Use the floor plan tool to create fully editable floor plans quickly and easily, with annotations and automated floor area calculations.
  • Ability to inspect the property on a room by room basis, capturing data which is then organised accordingly into the appropriate report sections.
  • Intelligent auto-copying of notes (where applicable) throughout the inspection, including mapping of data to other elements of the Scottish Home Report, avoiding unnecessary duplication of work.
  • Complete a generic Mortgage Valuation Report (if applicable).
  • Integrated access to the EPC App for the option to complete an EPC assessment and lodge directly to the Central Register.*

*Functionality available if surveyor is a member of the ecmk Accreditation Scheme.

Key features - Surveyor Portal (desktop)

  • Desktop application that is synchronised to receive survey data directly from the Surveyor’s mobile App with the option to upload report content from an alternative source
  • Create a Property Questionnaire within the Surveyor Portal or alternatively upload a previously completed Questionnaire for inclusion in the Home Report.
  • Easily manage, review and edit all elements of the Scottish Home Report, with online electronic customer feedback.
  • Standardised formatting and styling for consistency in reporting.
  • Compile all elements of the Scottish Home Report - Single Survey, Mortgage Valuation Report, EPC and Property Questionnaire into a completed final document for publication.
  • Documentation is stored online with easy access, providing an electronic audit trail and support for the defence of claims.

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