Remote Valuation

Mobile surveying solution for the completion of off-site Mortgage Valuation Reports


The CoreLogic Remote Valuation App delivers a fast and effective alternative when a full physical mortgage valuation inspection is not required or not permissible.

The Remote Valuation App harnesses the knowledge of a local Valuation Surveyor, something that is often lacking in traditional centrally administered Desktop valuation models. The App enables a Surveyor to undertake Remote Valuations in the field alongside traditional physical valuation instructions. The App provides the surveyor with access to Land Registry title plans and Google Maps to identify the property location and boundary information. Integration with third-party property data sources enables the surveyor to access detailed property attribute information for the subject property needed to undertake a valuation.

The Remote Val App enables CoreLogic’s Valuation Surveyor customers to offers Lenders a balance of speed, cost and accuracy, with greater certainty than using AVMs in isolation, while keeping costs low compared to full physical inspections.

Benefits to your business

  • Local surveyor

    Experienced surveyor appointed who will have good knowledge of the area and the local property market.

  • Land Registry / Google Maps

    Direct access to Land Registry and Google Maps to identify title plot boundary coordinates, as well as access to road maps, satellite imagery and street views.

  • Third party data

    Integration with third party data sources including Rightmove, CoreLogic, BICS and Flood Risk to help with the property valuation and assessment of risk.

Key features

  • Easy to use interface including overview screen, detailing property information and clear survey sections.
  • Integration with Land Registry and Google Maps to identify location and download subject property boundary title.
  • Satellite imagery, road maps and street views available.
  • Integrated access to property data from Rightmove and CoreLogic.*
  • Incorporates BCIS calculator (The Building Cost Information Service) to calculate total reinstatement costs.
  • Photo capture tool enabling evidence collected within the App to be easily screenshot, stored and used within the valuation site notes.
  • Remote Valuation Assist functionality - where property occupier can capture internal imagery.
  • Output automatically formatted into a lender specific mortgage valuation report with the accompanying site notes.
  • Documentation and site notes are stored online to provide an electronic audit trail and support the defence of claims.
  • Documentation and site notes are stored online to provide an electronic audit trail to support the defence of claims.

*Functionality available if integrated with Survey Hub.

Remote Valuation Assist

The Remote Valuation Assist proprietary software enables a homeowner or occupier to submit imagery to a surveyor where an internal inspection of a property is prohibitive or unable to be carried out by a surveyor.

A valuation instruction is triaged through Survey Hub as a Remote Valuation that requires internal property imagery to be captured by the occupier. An SMS is sent direct to the occupier with a URL link containing instructions. A simple three step process is then carried out by the occupier.

Step 1 – The occupier receives instructions, accepts T&Cs, confirms geo-location and property attributes.

Step 2 – The occupier takes internal and external property photos, with additional commentary as required.

Step 3 – The occupier submits the completed report via a secure URL link back to the Surveyor Portal

The surveyor can then access the Surveyor Portal to view the Remote Valuation Report alongside the property imagery submitted by the occupier, ready for completion.

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