Web based workflow management system to enable the delivery of PAS 2035 and ECO compliant measures


The award winning PAS Hub desktop software provides an effective tool for companies to manage Retrofit work in accordance with PAS 2035, whilst supporting Government funding streams including ECO4, LAD, HUG, GBIS & SHDF.

PAS Hub facilitates an end to end retrofit journey, where all participants in the process share a common platform enabling the efficient distribution, collaboration, review, sign off and lodgement of each PAS Job, direct to the TrustMark data warehouse. Installers can manage multiple jobs seamlessly, pairing and interacting with their supply chain through simple booking tools, intuitive interfaces and the ability to have multiple coordinators to choose from on a job by job basis.

The PAS Hub seamlessly integrates with PAS 2035 Retrofit App.

PAS Hub also offers seamless integration with CoreLogic’s ECO Hub and Funder Hub for reporting of ECO measures to funders, including automated transfer of supporting evidence packs.

Have you tried our free to use ECO Score Calculator tool? It supports ECO4 and GBIS click here.

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Customer Testimonials

“I have found the software and retrofit setup to be excellent, a simple solution for all parties involved and a one stop shop, enabling issues to be resolved swiftly rather than dealing with different organisations. The support team are consistently helpful and the development and improvements over the past 12 months position this software as a serious industry leader.”

Ian Naismith, 1A Naismith Energy Assessors

“The software is easy to use and has been a huge help and taken the pressure off having to do everything in-house. The support team are always quick to respond and helpful, giving clear guidance. The software has given us a smooth transition into PAS 2019 and the services are a massive help, enabling us to keep the work flowing for our Installers and ensuring that the jobs have the correct Ventilation and Design”.

Sarah Maher, Menai Heating Ltd

Installer Features

  • Specify mandatory Surveys for Assessment, Technical & Installation appointments
  • Choose which Retrofit Coordinator to instruct from your network on a job by job basis
  • Easy creation and completion of ECO evidence within the Hub
  • Automated DWP Datamatch Service to efficiently check ECO customer eligibility
  • Transfer work between companies
  • Enables multiple parties to collaborate on a single project, e.g. different installers, managing agents, specialist designers, etc.

Retrofit Coordinator Features

  • Pair with multiple Installers with a single login
  • Case Management functionality, ensures all tasks are completed every time
  • Model and generate Improvement Option Evaluation and Medium-Term Improvement Plans automatically
  • Review assessment, design and installation documentation
  • Project sign-off and Trustmark lodgement, allowing a single project to optionally be lodged in phases

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