Web based integrated workflow management system for Obligated Suppliers in the ECO market


ECO Hub is a web based desktop software platform that provides an end to end workflow management system to support Energy Suppliers through their ECO obligations, and in the reporting of energy efficiency measures and Ofgem .

ECO Hub controls the movement and validation of data and evidence documentation through the ECO journey. It delivers a fully integrated and configurable management tool designed to improve workflow processes, while maintaining quality assurance and compliance.

The software enables instant upload and validation of data, automated ECO score calculations, compliant report formatting and submission to Ofgem, enabling ECO measures to be managed with real-time status updates.

ECO Hub contains a highly configurable workflow and rules engine, which enables Energy Suppliers to set system parameters to meet their business requirements. Third party contract management functionality is also included which provides automated payment advice generation with a clawback mechanism.

Benefits to your business

  • Increased productivity

    Intuitive easy to use interface, including dashboards to track delivery against Obligation and measure volumes, and automated measure validation to reduce manual workload and allow you to focus on areas of risk.

  • Increased compliance

    Automated validation of incoming measures will both reject measures due to invalid data or missing evidence documents, and flag measures for further manual investigation based on 50+ automated and configurable data validation rules.

  • Reduced risk

    All scores are auto-validated and Ofgem compliant notification files are produced to ensure 'right first time' notifications to Ofgem and reduced re-working.

Key features

  • Complete oversight and management of reported ECO measures in one overview dashboard with real-time status updates
  • Control system administrator and user logins, with defined role permissions to ensure appropriate levels of access to ECO Hub
  • Manage third party companies that report ECO measures to your business, including installer contracts, price books and lots
  • Easy to import reported measures and evidence documentation
  • Highly customisable measure import system, with configurable settings, based on industry standards and user-defined criteria
  • Generation of payment advices for contracted partners, including clawback mechanisms
  • ECO scores automatically calculated on importing measures
  • Automatic data validation checks against reported measures to ensure compliance before submission to Ofgem
  • Error reports generated for measures that have failed data validation
  • Report and manage measures that require Technical Monitoring, including Technical Monitoring agent instructions with measure extract, upload and validation of results of inspection, installer challenge and remediation process, and generation of Ofgem TM report
  • Produce and submit Ofgem compliant reports for the installation of measures, including extension requests and edited notification reports

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