Property Hub

Web based integrated workflow management system to support the ECO and Able to Pay journeys


Our award winning web based desktop software provides a CRM and workflow system for Installers, Managing Agents and Energy Suppliers, to support the customer journey through the ECO and Able to Pay schemes.

Firms involved in various energy efficient initiatives can work seamlessly together to manage customer journeys. The platform is configurable according to customers’ business requirements and extensive API solutions allow for seamless integration with third party systems.

Full operational control is possible with field resource management based on skills, geographical coverage, capacity and availability. Property Hub includes appointment bookings and advanced scheduling functionality and the ability to manage individual resource accreditation and qualification details.

The software can be configured enabling in-depth workflows for managing user defined tasks and activities. Survey site notes, photographs and reports are uploaded from the field in real-time in a compliant format and backed-up securely.

Benefits to your business

  • Increased productivity

    Intuitive easy to use interface, including workflow rule configuration and task management to ensure your staff focus on the priorities to progress jobs through the system.

  • Increased compliance

    Automated validation of measure data and evidence documents against configurable business rules, to ensure ECO measures reported to Obligated Suppliers are right first time.

  • Multi-channel management

    Business processes to support both the ECO and Able to Pay sectors, incorporating a full set of APIs for digital platform support and merchant integration for fulfilment.

Key features - Able to Pay Journey

  • Manage leads and appointments
  • In-home quotation generation
  • Back-office re-quote facility based on product option revisions
  • Bill of Materials generation
  • Installation management via mobile Installation App

Key features - ECO Journey

  • Automated ECO Rural eligibility check when a job is created
  • ECO eligibility checker
  • Collect DWP benefit recipient Data Match consent, create import spreadsheets and process verification results electronically
  • ECO Lot and funding management, replicated in the mobile Assessment App
  • Real time ECO Deemed Scores calculations and associated funding value
  • Ofgem compliant ECO documents automatically generated
  • ECO compliant Installation management
  • Data and evidence validation
  • Automated evidence document transfer to the ECO Hub platform used by Obligated Energy Suppliers

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