Retrofit Coordinator Service

Access to ecmk accredited Retrofit Coordinators to oversee Retrofit projects


CoreLogic is a TrustMark registered provider of PAS 2035 Retrofit Coordination. We work in partnership with ecmk Accreditation, to provide companies without the in-house resource, direct access to qualified Retrofit Coordinators.

The Retrofit Coordinators will oversee your retrofit projects. All work will be managed using CoreLogic software, PAS 2035 Retrofit App and PAS Hub, providing real-time visibility, ensuring you have complete control of progress. Project sign-off and final lodgement to the Trustmark data warehouse is carried out by the CoreLogic Retrofit Coordinator, but only on your authorisation so that ultimately it remains under your control. ecmk Retrofit Coordination lodgement fees are included in the Retrofit Coordinator service.


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The benefits

  • Experienced and fully qualified ecmk Retrofit Coordinators who will review and approve all Retrofit measures and risk paths
  • Full range of PAS2035 compliant Design Services available, including technical calculations and improvement scenarios modelling
  • Real-time visibility using PAS Hub, ensuring you have complete oversight and control of project progress
  • Project sign-off and lodgement to the TrustMark data warehouse, by ecmk Retrofit Coordinators, upon your authorisation
  • Transparent pay as you go pricing, with no upfront fees, meaning you only pay for the work completed
  • Requires no minimum volume or exclusivity so you can use the service as a back-up to your own coordinator supply, as and when needed

Need more information?

For more information about Retrofit Coordinator Service download the brochure, or get in touch with us.

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