Partner Portal

Web based management tool for companies working with Obligated Suppliers in the ECO industry. Also incorporates the CoreLogic deemed scores calculator


Partner Portal is a free to use web-based platform. It enables ECO Managing Agents and Installers with direct contracts with CoreLogic ECO Hub obligated Suppliers to produce an ECO Hub compliant ECO measure report.

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Deemed Scores Calculator:

Our Deemed Scores Calculator is available on a subscription basis, or free to use for existing CoreLogic customers. Our easy to use and Ofgem compliant deemed scores calculator has been a preferred tool of choice within the ECO industry since the move to deemed scores in ECO2t. Our Deemed Scores Calculator calculates LTS scores for all ECO measures and incorporates any relevant uplifts, including the latest PAS2030:2019 uplift, as well as providing the ability to calculate the ECO value for your business, based on your contracted p/£LTS rates.

Benefits to your business

  • Increased compliance

    Data entry validation rules ensure all necessary data items are provided for a measure, based on the measure and obligation type. PAF based address verification ensures compliance with ECO Hub and Ofgem address verification processes.

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