PAS 2035 Retrofit App

Mobile Surveying Solution for the completion of retrofit assessments based on project Risk Path


The award winning PAS 2035 Retrofit App mobile software enables Assessors to capture all the necessary information on-site based on the Risk Path of the project, determined through the on-device PAS 2035 Risk Assessment. This is then submitted to CoreLogic’s PAS Hub solution for onward progression to sign-off, install and lodgement. The App integrates with CoreLogic’s floor plan App and supports separate site visits to complete technical surveys and installations, producing all Ofgem compliant evidence documents. The App is fully compliant and enables Assessors to collect all PAS and ECO technical information for a job in a single visit, with built in validation checks to ensure the correct surveys, documents and data are collected before moving onto the next stage.

The PAS 2035 Retrofit App seamlessly integrates with PAS Hub.

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Assessor Visits

  • PAS 2035, LADS, SHDF, HUG, GBIS and ECO4 compliant surveys and documentation
  • RdSAP calculations to enable automated Improvement Option Evaluation & MTIP generation
  • PAS 2035 Risk Assessment, Significance, Ventilation and Condition Surveys
  • Intuitive survey design, ensures all relevant and required data is collected
  • Integrated Floor Plan App
  • Ability to lodge EPC directly from App if required

Technical Visits

  • ECO and Technical Surveys for all common measures
  • Intuitive survey design, ensures all relevant and required data is collected

Installer Visits

  • Installation Surveys for all ECO and other installation compliance
  • Intuitive survey design, ensures all relevant and required data is collected

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