Property Monitor & SMARTList

Win, keep & grow your customer base with property event insights and alerts


Property Monitor provides a timely property transaction alerts service to enhance customer targeting strategies.

We monitor 29.7m UK residential properties daily for key property events, including listings, sales and rentals. Win new business, increase product usage, retain customers and improve customer satisfaction with key property events notifications that will allow you to initiate the relevant contact.

Our SMARTList service combines property and consumer data to help more accurately predict when a homeowner is likely to list their property for sale, giving Agents a material advantage in winning new listings.

Why use Property Monitor and SMARTList?

  • Target specific customer segments by identifying prospect properties and leveraging existing relationships.
  • Have more timely and relevant conversations with your customers when a property event takes place.
  • Leverage valuable property level insights to identify when a homeowner is likely to list their property for sale.

Property Monitor services include:

  • SMARTList – identifies customers who could be thinking about moving house
  • Listing Leads – watches customers for activity on ‘property listing portals’
  • Anniversary Dates – monitors property anniversary dates for homeowners

Benefits to your business

  • Win new customers

    Identify valuable prospects.

  • Keep existing customers

    Retain and up-sell.

  • Grow customers

    Leverage and cross-sell.

Key features

  • Real-time alerts

    Alerts triggered and sent to you when a property event or change occurs.

  • Additional insights

    Property and demographic insights appended to improve conversations.

  • Product collaboration

    Identify segments, target customers and improve subsequent interactions.

  • Event notifications

    Turn on event notifications relevant to your business at a frequency you control.


Approximately 5% of residential properties in UK are listed for sale every year.

Yes, we can help you understand the value of leads that are being supplied, benchmark these against the market, and show differentiations in value across different geographies and segmentations.

We are continuously looking to add functionality to the Property Monitor suite. Watch this space!

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