Intelligent and accurate property valuation estimates, using advanced AVM technology


IntelliVal is a next generation automated valuation model (AVM) from CoreLogic that has been deployed across three international markets prior to being developed for the  UK property financial services industry.

IntelliVal capitalises on Artificial Intelligence to deliver a powerful AVM solution that more effectively predicts and responds to market conditions. The ability for IntelliVal to process complex correlations and market trends, combined with continuous learning from historic outputs provides lenders with better quality information to validate property estimates and assess risk.

Benefits to your business

  • Improve time to yes

    Advanced data capabilities and forecasting, leading to faster property valuations.

  • Reduce valuation costs

    Confidently value more properties using IntelliVal, reducing overall cost in valuations.

  • Mitigate risk

    Intelligent analytics combined with Big Data assets deliver faster and more accurate understanding of property risk.

Key features

  • Driven by sophisticated data models to identify complex and dynamic value correlations.
  • Continuous learning from historical data patterns, providing better forecasting.
  • Granular level insights including price sensitive factors, providing more intelligence.
  • Scalable cloud-based technology with faster processing and minimal redevelopment.
  • New Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD*) model, improving reliability and accuracy.
  • Seamless API and UI technology with optional customisable system integration.
  • Market and bespoke report creation, providing invaluable insights and trends.

*Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD) is a statistical measure of the amount of variation that might be expected between the actual indicator value and the forecast value. This denotes confidence in an AVM estimate using a standard confidence metric.

Need more information?

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