Lender Hub

Configurable workflow and risk management system for the mortgage valuation market


Our solution enables Lenders to engage seamlessly with Panel Managers and Surveying Firms throughout the lifecycle of a mortgage valuation, improving efficiency and transparency.

The software provides real-time job updates, case progress tracking with event history timelines and access to a messaging service, delivering full visibility and simplified communication.

A configurable rule engines facilitate automated triage for ‘valuation type’ decisions. PVQ management enables Lenders to raise and respond to Post Valuation Queries in one place. These tools ensure that valuation risk is minimised, while streamlining workflows.

Key features

  • Seamless integration with Survey Hub and PVQ Hub, enabling access to jobs instructed to Panel Managers and Surveying Firms for full transparency.
  • Configurable rules and thresholds to automatically triage which type of mortgage valuation to instruct (AVM, remote or full inspection).
  • User-friendly dashboard that displays the status of jobs, flagging new requests and actions that need urgent attention.
  • Ability to control system users with different levels of login access.
  • Job list overview screen with filters for quick searches to easily identify job status with colour coded flags.
  • Job details page displays a progress bar and job status. View all activity, including any attachments which can be downloaded.
  • Raise, manage and escalate PVQs against specific jobs. Monitor progress, with the ability to view actions and respond in real-time.
  • Manage SLA settings for specific response times.
  • Messaging service that enables Lenders to interact directly with a Panel Manager or Surveying Firm, with time and date stamping.
  • Get Next Job functionality for both message requests and PVQs, where the next most important task is presented to the user.
  • Event timeline functionality displays job history in chronological order, showing a snapshot of dates, times, status and requests.
  • Ability to download and view a signed-off Lender valuation form.

Additional features (optional)

  • Concentration risk

    Automated concentration risk analysis against new build development sites and geographical factors.

  • AVM calls

    Integrated ability to run AVM’s through the CoreLogic IntelliVal service.

  • Risk and audit alerts

    Automated Risk, Fraud & Audit alerts, hidden BTL, flood risk, HMO verification and many more selectable data fields, providing pro-active alerts pre or post valuation.

Integrated services. What are the benefits?

  • Better turnaround

    Having to only enter information onto one single system and not two separate systems, saves considerable time and effort, improving SLA turnaround times.

  • Reduction in errors

    Minimal re-keying of information during job creation, updates and transferring form data, eliminates room for errors or missed information.

  • Real-time status updates

    Job updates and responses happen in real-time, received directly onto the Lender’s mortgage origination system, improving operational efficiency.

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