Intelligent and accurate property rental estimates, using advanced AVM technology


IntelliRent is a powerful tool which combines a broad data pool and sophisticated algorithm to help understand the estimated rent, yield and value of a property.

IntelliRent capitalises on Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics to deliver a solution that can assimilate and process greater volumes of data and respond quickly to changes in market conditions, enabling users to make reliable and accurate property rental estimates.

What does it give you?

  • An estimated rental figure at a property level
  • A confidence level for that figure
  • A rental range

Benefits to your business

  • Verify declared rental figures

    Changes in the Prudential Regulatory Authority’s rules require Buy to Let lenders to verify declared rental values prior to lending on buy-to-let portfolios. IntelliRent is a powerful tool to ensure that the rents declared are realistic for the market.

  • Demonstrate rental potential to buyers

    Delivering a professional report that explains rental estimates will allow potential buyers to make a decision to purchase with confidence and positions you to win their property management business.

  • Deliver excellent landlord services

    Creating a rental AVM using IntelliRent demonstrates to clients that you are basing your recommendations in annual rent reviews on the latest independent market information.

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