Property Assessment

Mobile Surveying Solution for the completion of property assessments and the sale of ECO measures


Our Property Assessment App provides a mobile working tool to support both ECO and Able to Pay activity. The App can be used by surveyors pre installation and installers during the installation process to capture all necessary data, photographs and signatures for compliance purposes.

For ECO work, compliant Ofgem ECO Reporting Working Group documents are automatically generated, eligibility checks are carried out, and deemed scores can be calculated to determine if measures can be fully-funded, or if a customer contribution is required.

For Able to Pay work, customer quotes can be generated and accepted on the iPad, enabling work to progress to installation in an efficient manner.

Product price book configuration on Property Hub enables installation costs to be accurately calculated on the iPad in the home.

The CoreLogic floor plan App is fully integrated to enable accurate floor plans to be drawn and included into documentation as necessary, for example as a part of the DSSY document for ECO work.

Appointments can be pushed down to the iPad or alternatively a new job can be started in the field on the iPad.

Benefits to your business

  • Increased productivity

    Diary management ensures field staff are at the right property at the right time, and an easy to use interface ensures the necessary data and supporting evidence is captured based on the type of job and measure(s) being carried out.

  • Increased compliance

    Intelligent data capture surveys ensure the correct data and evidence photographs are captured based on the job type (ECO or Able to Pay) to ensure compliance. All photographs are geo-tagged and date/time stamped.

  • Improved conversion rates

    Ensure the right data is captured to automatically progress a job on submission.

Key features

  • Surveyors and Installers receive instructions about the assessment, sent directly to App
  • Captures compliant evidence and photos
  • Calculate floor areas on the device and sketch tool allows for additional markers
  • Offline data capture and calculation engines means no internet connection is required at property
  • Price and funding matrices configured on Property Hub are synced with the iPad to ensure product pricing and quotes can be generated in the home
  • Ability to take photographs using an iPhone or Wi-Fi enabled camera and import to the iPad
  • Automatic site note and compliance document generation on Property Hub for all completed surveys

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