3D Virtual Tours for Auctioneers

3D virtual tours provide an immersive way to showcase auction lots and properties for sale by auction


Virtual tours are great way to boost marketing potential and generate interest in an auction. They are also a natural partner to support auctions being hosted live online. They play a pivotal role, allowing people to view an auction showroom or property as if they were there in person, with the benefits of browsing at a convenient time, from anywhere in the world and giving confidence to buyers prior to placing a bid.

Lots can be viewed within an auction house setting, allowing customers to explore a showroom at their leisure. The use of tagging helps to provide further details such as lot numbers, descriptions, estimates and links to online lot listings or electronic catalogues. Properties for auction benefit from 360° room by room walk-throughs, accurate floor plans, dollhouse or floor plan views and digital measuring tools, giving developers, investors or potential owner-occupiers open access, with highly accurate visual detail.


3D Virtual Tours

4K HDR Photographs

Product Tagging

Accurate Floor Plans

Teaser Videos

Key features

  • 3D Virtual Tour

    360° immersive walk-through of the auction showroom or property in detail, with close up views of sale items or property features.

  • Dollhouse & Floor Plan View

    Experience the showroom or property from a 3D dollhouse perspective. Alternatively use the floor plan views to understand the space and layout.

  • Product Tagging (if required)

    Annotate lot items by affixing tags, such as sale price, description, photos and videos. Help guide customers, or direct them to online catalogues.

  • Teaser Videos

    Snapshot video presentations capturing the 3D Virtual Tour experience, which can be used across various marketing channels.

Optional extras

  • Accurate Floor Plans

    High resolution 2D digital floor plans, completed within 99% accuracy.

  • 4K HDR Photographs

    Photography of auction lots or properties, using DSLR cameras.

Why choose CoreLogic's 3D Virtual Tours?

  • Give customers 24/7 access to explore your auction sales.
  • Drive better engagement and attract customers worldwide.
  • Compliment your digital auctions and online marketing efforts.

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