Supported iOS/iPadOS operating systems

24th October 2023

Are you using the most up to date iOS/iPadOS operating system?

In a recent statement released from Apple on the 12 September 2023, it was stated that from April 2024, all Apps submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 15 and the iOS 17 SDK (or later).

In accordance with the statement above, CoreLogic UK will support testing on the most up to date iOS/iPadOS operating systems (currently iOS 16 & 17 and iPadOS 16 & 17) for any new App releases. However, please be aware that CoreLogic UK will cease to provide active testing on earlier Apple operating systems (i.e. iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 or older).

Our focus is to provide the best stability, privacy, and security possible. Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly difficult to continue supporting significantly older iOS/iPadOS operating systems that are no longer compatible with the latest security updates from Apple.

Our Apps* will continue to work as intended at this point in time on your current iOS/iPadOS operating system. However, any new functionality we introduce may not be compatible on older versions, therefore we recommend updating your device where possible to the latest iOS operating system (currently iOS 16 & 17 and iPadOS 16 & 17).

*CoreLogic UK’s Apps: Survey Valuation, Corelogic New Build, Remote Valuation, PAS2035 Retrofit, CoreLogic Floor Plan, SMART Floorplan, CoreLogic Smart Survey, Smart Property Assessment.

How to check what iOS version you are running on your device: Go to Settings > General > About (check your ‘software version’ here)

If you have any concerns, please contact the the appropriate Support Team.

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