PAS Hub – New Options to Set Instruct RCS Rules

17th March 2021

CoreLogic have made further enhancements to the PAS Hub desktop software, continuing to provide the best possible platform to clients and ensuring that the management of ECO and Retrofit jobs is seamless and efficient.

Instruct RCS Rules

There have been two new options added to RCS Pairings that allow Retrofit Coordinator Services to enable if the Installer is required to enter Installation Costs for Measures and/or meet additional Evidence rules to instruct the RCS.

Note: This will be enabled for CoreLogic Retrofit Coordinator Services on 25/03/2021 so please ensure that the relevant Users are aware of the changes and the additional requirements that must be met to instruct the CoreLogic RCS. This is optional for all other Retrofit Coordinator Services so this should be managed between each RCS and their Installers if this is enabled.

Mandatory Installation Costs

PAS Hub now allows Retrofit Coordinators to mandate that Installers provide an Installation Cost on all Measures that are being instructed to the Retrofit Coordinator Service on Path B and Path C Jobs.

Mandatory Evidence

PAS Hub now allows Retrofit Coordinators to mandate that Installers meet new Evidence requirements on Jobs that are being instructed to the Retrofit Coordinator Service. This is based on a combination of Job and Measure data that PAS Hub will use to determine the additional Evidence requirements for the Job.

Screenshot – Mandatory Installation Costs and Evidence Settings

Screenshot – Enter Measure Installation Cost

Other Changes

The following other changes have been made in PAS Hub v5.4.0:

  • The TMEV has been updated to be generated as the TMRK in line with updates to Ofgem naming conventions. PAS Hub will also set the ECO Evidence Code to TMRK automatically following this change.
  • The Company and RCS Dashboards have been updated to show data in a clear, concise, and user-friendly format using tables.
  • The Measure Details have been updated to include the new “Qualitymark Protection / GDGC – Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG)” and “IAA Insulation Guarantee” options for applicable Measures.
  • The ECO Eligibility and Measure Details have been updated in accordance with latest Ofgem guidance.

Survey Pack Update

The following changes to Surveys will be included in the next Survey Pack Update:

  • External Wall Insulation Technical Survey
  • Condensation and Ventilation Assessment (CDVA)
  • Underfloor Insulation Technical Survey
  • Pre-Installation, Mid-Installation, and Post-Installation Photographs
  • PAS Assessment Ventilation Survey


IMPORTANT: PAS Assessment v2.4.0 is now available to download from the App Store. Please download this update as soon as possible to avoid compatibility issues with this Survey Pack.


For further guidance and instructions, customers should refer to the latest PAS Hub release notes version 5.4.0.

If you require technical assistance, please call our client support team on 0333 123 4288.

17th March 2021

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