PAS Assessment ECO Data Capture and Duplication Removal

14th October 2021

CoreLogic have been working on improvements to the structure and general flow of Surveys within PAS Assessment with the goal of reducing and removing data duplication.

This has been a significant project and the first phase of this is now ready for release this week, which will remove the ECO Data Capture and several other duplicates.

This will be a continuous improvement project until the duplication has been minimised as much as possible, so you’ll expect to see further releases over the coming weeks.

The following Surveys have been impacted by this change:

  • ECO Data Capture
  • PAS Assessment
  • Ventilation Survey
  • DOCC
  • DSSY
  • Boiler Technical Survey
  • Cavity Wall Technical Survey
  • Electric Storage Heaters Technical Survey
  • External Wall Insulation Technical Survey
  • Flat Roof Insulation Technical Survey
  • Internal Wall Insulation Technical Survey
  • Loft Technical Survey
  • Park Home Insulation Technical Survey
  • Underfloor Insulation Technical Survey
  • Technical Risk Assessment​


For further guidance and instructions, customers should refer to the latest release notes emailed on the 13th October 2021.

If you require technical assistance, please call our client support team on 0333 123 4288.

14th October 2021

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