CoreLogic launch next generation 3D virtual tour service

8th November 2022

CoreLogic UK are excited to launch the next generation in 3D virtual tours, as part of the property marketing services offering. Leading virtual tour technology supplier Matterport has reinvented the Digital Twin with the release of the revolutionary Pro3 camera.

This breakthrough innovation creates a new way to market and manage properties digitally. As the largest network of Matterport capture technicians in the UK, CoreLogic will be in the possession of 26 Pro3 cameras, in the hands of our specialist trained photographers up and down the country. This will create a new era of digital twin marketing for the UK.

Vastly improved technology and design on the Pro3 camera, means that CoreLogic photographers will now be able to capture properties externally in direct sunlight, substantially adding to scans and images and providing better capture of roofing, gardens and the surrounding areas, which is not easily achievable with the Pro2 cameras.

With the inclusion of a built-in LiDAR scanner means much improved laser exact mm measurement, which can be used in a wide variety of conditions, from dim light to direct sunlight, up to a range of 100 meters and still with a rotation time of less than 20 seconds per sweep. It also has a custom built 20-megapixel sensor and 12-element lens for ultra-wide capture of large spaces and the camera is also able to capture 100k points per second at depths ranging from 0.5m to 100m.

The upgrade from Pro2 to Pro3 will offer our clients:

  • Fully rendered external of the property rather than the marmite dolls house of the Pro2
  • Immersive walk-through experience from the front gate through the house and the back garden (no more jumping from static photos)
  • Pinpoint accurate measurements for the creation of floorplans, or internal wall measurements
  • Combined with Google Street View, enabling commercial premises to extend their marketing

David Price, Operations Director of CoreLogic’s Property Marketing Services commented:

“We are the largest network of Matterport capture technicians in the UK and delighted to be in the possession of these powerful cameras. Having tried and tested this new technology over the past few months, we can confidently say this is a game-changer for 3D virtual tours and will significantly improve how we market properties. The new Pro3 cameras digitalise every aspect of the physical world, both indoors and outdoors, creating accurate, immersive, and stunning digital twins. Our photographers are ready and excited to get out there and service our clients with the latest tech.”

Get in touch for a demo – salesuk@corelogic.com0333 123 1415

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