CoreLogic | ehouse launch improved national drone service

13th September 2021

We are excited to introduce our new national drone photography service, which has much more affordable pricing structure starting from just £89 + VAT for residential properties, which includes a variety of elevated angled shots and birds-eye views.

Drone technology has been around for many years, but new developments with hardware and changes to legislation have made it more feasible for us to upscale our operations and significantly reduce costs, whilst retaining the quality and flexibility of our drone service.

We have recently invested in new drone technology, equipping the majority of our photographers across the UK with high quality devices that produce 4K HDR Photography and high-resolution Video.

Our new drones can fly up to 400ft/120m and withstand 25mph winds, much higher wind speeds than elevated masts. They allow our photographers to capture a birds-eye view of the entire property, with the possibilty of many more angles than traditional elevated photography. We can capture land boundaries and the surrounding area, or just get over that annoying hedge or tree to best demonstrate the setting of the property.

As a serious supplier to the UK property industry you can rest assured that we operate in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Drone Legislation allowing us to fly safely and legally across the UK and all our drone photographers hold the relevant qualifications required to fly. In addition, we hold specialist drone liability insurance just in case anything did go wrong.

Our experienced drone team will perform site risk assessments before each job, establish if there are flight restriction zones within the area and if so liaise with the appropriate bodies to gain permission to fly, check the surroundings for potential safety hazards, plan take-off and landing zones and address privacy issues, in respect of neighbouring land and property.
We have drones located in Inverness through to Newquay and everywhere in between, meaning we can be at your clients’ properties quickly.

Ben Fillmore, Managing Director at CoreLogic | ehouse commented: “We’ve seen a real desire to use drone photography and video in recent years, but it has often been an expensive addition to the overall marketing cost. Being able to deliver this service for a much more affordable price presents a fantastic opportunity for those agents wanting to get the best angle for the properties they are selling.”


Coming soon! – Not only can we produce standalone aerial photography, we will soon be offering drone video, where our in-house creative team will be able to merge footage with our 3D virtual tours and other marketing elements, to produce professionally packaged marketing videos with music and text, that will engage and captivate potential buyers.

We’ll handle the whole process, so agents can focus on client relationships and closing those sales!

As well as the Residential Property Market, we also provide drone photography services for:

  • Commercial Property
  • Schools & Universities
  • Hotel & Spa Resorts 
  • Holiday Rentals

If you’re interested, please get in touch to find out about our packages and pricing:

email or call 0333 123 1415

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