Central Registers Downtime – Sunday 8th February

6th February 2015

EPC/OA Register for Scotland downtime


A short period of live downtime will occur on the morning of Sunday 8th February to fix an intermittent issue with GDAR PDF retrieval. The work will start at 08:30 am and finish around 11:30 am. The downtime will only affect EPC/OA lodgement.


EPC Register for E&W and NI downtime


Landmark is carrying out Infrastructure Maintenance to the EPC Register network on Sunday 8th February between 08:00 am – 09:00 am, during this time the following websites and their associated services will be unavailable:


• https://www.epcregister.com/
• https://www.epbniregister.com/
• https://www.ndepcregister.com/
• https://www.epbniregisternd.com/

6th February 2015

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