PAS2035 Retrofit Solutions

Software and services to enable the delivery of PAS2035 and ECO compliant measures


Our mobile and desktop software provides Assessors and Coordinators with an effective tool for completing PAS2035 compliant Retrofit work.

Our software is designed for qualified Retrofit Assessors and Coordinators to carry out Retrofit assessments and lodgements in accordance with PAS2035.

Our mobile software enables Assessors to capture all the necessary information on-site based on the Risk Path of the project, determined through the on-device PAS2035 Risk Assessment, and submit to our PAS Hub solution for onward progression to sign-off, install and lodgement. The App integrates with CoreLogic’s floor plan App, and includes technical surveys and ECO3 Ofgem compliant evidence documents.

Combined with our desktop PAS Hub software, companies can manage Retrofit work, including instruction of Retrofit Coordinators, transfer of work between companies, project sign-off and lodgement onto the TrustMark data warehouse.

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Benefits to your business

  • Increased productivity

    App ensures all necessary data and evidence is collected, automated Improvement Option Evaluation Report generation and automated TrustMark lodgement via API. Significantly reducing manual workload.

  • Increased compliance

    Automated data validation ensures correct evidence is collected and Risk Path followed, with a Retrofit Coordinator option to revise as necessary.

  • Reduced risk

    Deemed scores are automatically calculated; Retrofit Coordinator sign-off ensured; TrustMark compliance enforced via lodgement API.

Key features - PAS2035 Retrofit App (mobile)

  • PAS2035 and ECO3 compliant surveys and documentation
  • RdSAP calculations to enable automated Improvement Option Evaluation generation
  • PAS2035 Risk Assessment
  • Integrated Floor Plan App

Key features - PAS Hub (desktop)

  • Instruct Retrofit coordinator
  • Model and generate Improvement Option Evaluation reports
  • Transfer work between companies
  • Review assessment, design and installation documentation
  • Project sign-off and TrustMark lodgement

Retrofit Coordinator Service

CoreLogic is a TrustMark licenced provider of PAS2035 Retrofit Coordinators. We are working in partnership with ecmk Accreditation to enable companies without the in-house skills or capacity to outsource PAS2035 Retrofit work to ecmk accredited Retrofit Coordinators.

The CoreLogic Retrofit Coordinators will oversee your Retrofit projects. All work will be managed using CoreLogic software, PAS2035 Retrofit App and PAS Hub, providing real-time visibility, ensuring you have complete control of progress. Project sign-off and final lodgement to the TrustMark data warehouse is carried out by the CoreLogic Retrofit Coordinator, but only on your authorisation so that ultimately it remains under your control. ecmk Retrofit Coordination lodgement fees are included in the Retrofit Coordinator service.

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