Market Trends

Delivering local market insights


Our Market Trends product provides a comprehensive sets of aggregated property market statistics that allows you to analyse various segments of the property market.

Produced every month, data is provided down to a postcode area level, offering deep insights into local area performance and trends, enabling you to identify value, minimise risk and make informed decisions.

Get easy access to independent and reliable property market data by postcode area in a CSV/flat file format which can be easily filtered and sorted.

Key data points include:

  • Median sale prices for houses and flats
  • Performance of flats versus houses
  • Median sales price change over 3 mths, 12 mths, 5 yrs and 10 yrs
  • Average hold periods
  • Sales volumes
  • Average rents
  • Gross rental yields
  • Average time on the market

Benefits to your business

  • Understand local markets

    Receive insights into property market performance of postcode areas

  • Make better decisions

    Understand the supply and demand balance at a granular level to improve decision making

  • Spot trends and identify value

    Understand market performance and analyse area data changes over time

  • Minimise risk

    Identify areas that are performing poorly to minimise your exposure


Market Trends is delivered monthly as a CSV flat file. Access can be purchased nationally, or by area. Pricing is dependent upon the number of areas chosen and how the data will be used.

Exposing our data publicly (i.e. on a website, or in a publication) incorporates a copyright fee and licensing obligations to protect our data from unauthorised access. Pricing for using the data internally within your organisation does not have these associated costs.

Much of the data within Market Trends is now also available within our API, which is recommended for building widgets and embedding the data into other programs or for online apps.

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