Use of RdSAP 9.91 (lig16) for ECO2 savings calculations

1st May 2015

Ofgem yesterday issued guidance on the above as a result of confusion in the industry. Their interpretation of the legislation is that only an RdSAP 9.92 (lig17) input data set can be used for an RdSAP 9.92 calculation, and hence ECO2 score.


However, as a result of industry confusion they have stated that they will accept measures installed and scored off an RdSAP 9.91 input data set from 1st April until 8th May 2015.  However, for any measure installed (completed) after 8th May 2015 the property must have been assessed using RdSAP 9.92.


This therefore means that for any ECO funded measure(s) planned to be installed (completed) after 8 May 2015 where the property was assessed using RdSAP 9.91, i.e. prior to 7th December 2014, you will need to re-visit and re-assess the property using RdSAP 9.92 prior to installing the measure(s).


Note that for Green Deal finance calculations and plan applications an RdSAP 9.91 Assessment can still be used; there is presently no date defined beyond which this will not be the case.

1st May 2015

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