The Mortgage Lender simplifies portfolio BTL underwriting with eTech

12th March 2019

The Mortgage Lender has teamed up with eTech to simplify portfolio buy to let underwriting for brokers and portfolio landlords.

The eTech platform allows brokers to record portfolio information and validate property addresses in a standardised format which can be submitted to its lender partners.

The process makes it easier for buy to let brokers to provide portfolio information to lenders without the need to re-key information in different formats for different lenders.

The application, along with the property information, is stored on the eTech BTL hub platform and can be accessed for future mortgage re-broking or portfolio review.


Scott Callaghan, Mortgage Operations Director at The Mortgage Lender said:   “The introduction of underwriting standards for buy to let mortgages introduced by the Prudential Regulatory Authority has helped formalise the information lenders need to make an underwriting decision.

“But until now it has been open to interpretation by lenders, which has made the process of applying for a portfolio buy to let mortgage onerous for brokers and borrowers as each lender has asked for the information in a slightly different format or order.

“By partnering with eTech we’re making it easier for borrowers and brokers to submit the information we need in a more standardised format speeding up the underwriting process and time to offer.”


Mark Blackwell Chief Operating Officer at eTech said: “We are confident that The Mortgage Lender and their broker network will see significant benefits and efficiencies using eTech’s BTL hub.

“The online system provides a simplified platform for Brokers and ensures clear formatting and accuracy of submissions. Loan applications will be tested and processed more quickly, leading to faster response times.

“eTech’s BTL hub technology was first developed nearly two years ago to address changes to the portfolio landlord underwriting standards and has seen continuous refinement as part of our close working client relationships, ensuring we continue to meet the needs of both lenders and brokers.”

Earlier this month The Mortgage Lender reduced the initial rates on its Ltd Company buy to let range to bring it in line with individual pricing and introduced a Ltd Company no fee £500 cashback option with an initial rate of 4.02 per cent.

The changes ended the differential pricing between individuals and Ltd Company applicants, increased choice and are available to the whole of the market.

Initial rates start at 3.09 per cent for a two-year fix at 70 per cent loan to value with a completion fee of 1.5 per cent. And its five-year fix with a three-year early repayment charge and a 1.5 per cent completion fee starts at 4.05 per cent.

The Mortgage Lender offers real life lending options for residential homebuyers, including those using Help to Buy to get on the property ladder.

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12th March 2019

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