Spicerhaart partner with CoreLogic UK on SMARTList

13th February 2020

National estate agent group Spicerhaart has partnered with CoreLogic UK, using SMARTList to better identify potential listing opportunities through powerful property, market and consumer data.

SMARTList enables estate agents to predict new property listings before they happen, by using intelligently combined data and advanced algorithms. Clients gain additional insights and convert up to five times more listings than using traditional methods. SMARTlist selection factors include property, consumer and economic data and its easy to use format can be integrated into any company CRM system.

Steve Lamb, CIO at Spicerhaart said “Working with CoreLogic over the past 18 months has changed our approach to the way we win new business. The data we have received from SMARTList has far exceeded our expectations and we have now proceeded to roll out SMARTList leads across all of our 193 branches nationwide. We are looking forward to the increased business levels that we should gain as a direct result of using this data.”

Stewart McRae, Sales Director at CoreLogic UK said, “We are extremely pleased with the results of our proof of concept work with Spicerhaart. SMARTList is a successful CoreLogic service that we adopted from the Retail Estate Agent market in Australia and localised for the UK. The decision to list a property for sale is the start of a journey that can take up to 12 months. Using traditional techniques estate agents typically only become aware of this intention further down the line. Spicerhaart have already seen the benefits of SMARTList through our extensive proof of concept work with them and we’re delighted to be able to support Spicerhaart as we roll SMARTList out across the entire network.”

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