Scottish EPC/OA Register Downtime

27th January 2015

Notification of two periods of downtime


We are writing to advise you to expect 2 brief periods of downtime for the EPC/OA Register for Scotland:


1. Thursday 29th January – Afternoon


The One Scotland Gazetteer have advised that due to essential maintenance, their webservices will be unavailable for a short period of time during the afternoon of Thursday 29th January.


This will mean that no address searches or validations can be carried out for EPCs while the OSG webservices are down.


We do not know the precise timing for this essential maintenance, but please bear this in mind if you experience Scottish address search or validation issues on Thursday. If we get more detail on the precise timing then we will issue an update.


2. Sunday 1st February – Morning


There will be a short period of live downtime on the morning of Sunday 1st February to fix an intermittent issue with GDAR PDF retrieval. The downtime will only affect EPC/OA lodgement.


This downtime is anticipated to commence at 08:30 and finish by 12:30 pm latest. Please bear this in mind if you experience Scottish lodgement issues on Sunday.

27th January 2015

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