Property Hub Enhancements

23rd June 2014

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of Property Hub V1.2.2.x on July 1st 2014.


This release includes crucial functionality to enhance the Green Deal process. Notably:


Issuing a property to another Hub


Building on existing functionality to transfer a property to another hub, the ability to trigger a property to be ‘Issued’ to another hub has now been added. Within the property details screen, there is a new Hub to Hub section that shows current status of the issued property.


issue1 copy


This simple process allows you to select the method of how to send the property, followed by selecting the name of the Hub that you would like to send the property to.


When a property is issued to a second Hub, the Hub it can be transferred back to is now restricted to the issuing Hub. Additionally, if a property has been issued to another hub, if certain updates are made on this hub, the details will be sent back to the hub that issued it.


Sending to multiple Hubs


Once a Property has been assessed it is now possible to transfer that property to multiple hubs so that the receiving hub can quote the customer for an installation based on the assessment completed prior.




There is now a tick box which can be selected if you would like to transfer to multiple Hubs as can be seen above. Moreover, for the receiving Hubs of a multiple hub job it is now possible to acknowledge receipt of the job and to either accept or reject it.


Transferring Green Deal Credit Check Information to other Hub


If a property is transferred or issued to another hub, and data exists within the Credit Check area for the property, this data will be passed across to the receiving hub. Within the Credit Check area there may be three sets of data relating to the: Bill Payer, Property Owner & Improver. All data contained within these sections will be passed to the receiving hub.

23rd June 2014

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