PAS Hub to support ECO3 Interim Delivery for Measures

4th April 2022

It has been confirmed that the ECO3 interim delivery period will operate from 1st April until 30th June 2022. To ensure smooth delivery of measures, we are pleased to announce that PAS Hub ECO Functionality now supports the delivery of both ECO3 Measures and ECO3 Interim Delivery for Measures. Our latest software release (version 7.2.0) will incorporate the below changes.

  • It is now mandatory to set an ECO Scheme for each Lot within the Suppliers area. This will control the Lots that are available for each Job. It will not be possible to change the ECO Scheme on a Lot if the Lot is assigned to a Measure. Lots that currently exist within PAS Hub will be set to ECO3 as default.
  • There is a new ECO Scheme option that has replaced the previous Set ECO Job option. This allows you to select ECO3 or ECO3 Interim on each Job. It is also possible to filter based on ECO Scheme within the Job List. This will be used to control the questions that must be completed in the Measure Details for generating an ECO Hub Measure Report, and is required to view or use the following:
    • Measure > Assign Lot
    • Measure > Unassign Lot
    • Measure > Validate ECO Measure
    • Job > Deemed Scores
    • Job > ECO Eligibility
    • Evidence > ECO Evidence Codes
    • Evidence > Send to ECO Hub
  • The Assign Lot option will now filter available Lots based on the ECO Scheme of the Job, i.e. ECO3 Lots will only show in ECO3 Jobs, and ECO3 Interim Lots will only show in ECO3 Interim Jobs.
  • The ECO Hub Measure Report that PAS Hub generates will now match the ECO Scheme that has been set on the Lot, i.e. if an ECO3 Lot is selected, then the ECO3 ECO Hub Measure Report will be generated, and if an ECO Interim Lot is selected, then the ECO3 Interim Delivery ECO Hub Measure Report will be generated.
  • The ECO Details section within Measure Details has been updated to capture the additional data items required for reporting ECO3 Interim Delivery Measures. These changes have been summarized on the attached release notes.

NOTE: We urge our PAS Hub customers to contact their Funder(s) and/or Supplier(s) to confirm the correct ECO Scheme for the Measure that you are reporting and ensure that they are ready to receive ECO3 Interim delivery.

For further information and instructions, customers should refer to the latest release notes (version 7.2.0) emailed 4th April 2022. For customers who require technical assistance, please call our client support team onĀ 0333 123 4288.

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4th April 2022

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