PAS Hub supports end-to-end ECO process with ECO Measure Reporting

26th August 2020

CoreLogic are pleased to announce the latest PAS Hub software release for our Retrofit and ECO customers, which includes some significant ECO Measure Report improvements.

ECO Measure Report Generation

PAS Hub now supports the full end-to-end ECO process and enables a Batch of Measures to be created with the required data items to be reported to a Funder and /or Energy Supplier. This is generated in the accepted format to be imported into the CoreLogic ECO Hub platform.

Measure validation process, prior to creation of an ECO Measure Report

PAS Hub enforces that a Measure has passed several mandatory checks before it can be added to an ECO Measure Report to assist in capturing the required data and improve reporting accuracy. This is now managed through a new ECO Status that will show against Measures within an ECO Job.

ECO Measure Reports area to generate and download Batches of Measures

We have developed a ECO Measure Reports area that is visible for Companies using PAS Hub and allows users to generate and download Batches of Measures to be reported. This area also provides a breakdown of the Batches by Handover, Lot, number of Measures, and total Lifetime Cost Score.

Additional changes to the ECO Measure Reports area include:

A new ECO Job flag within the Job Details area making it easier to distinguish Jobs that include one or more Measures that are being installed under ECO. Also, the Measure Details Survey has been updated with additional questions to capture all the required data items to generate the ECO Measure Report.

Survey Pack update to support latest PAS Hub software release

In addition, there has been a new Survey Pack update released to the iPad to support this latest release of PAS Hub. This now enables the Child Benefit Self Declaration (CBSD) and EST DWP Data Match Consent Form (ESTC) to be completed on the iPad and generate the ECO Document on PAS Hub in the standard templates.

In addition, there have been several changes to the PAS2035 Assessment, Condition Survey, and Ventilation Survey. This will generate a new PAS Assessment Report that can be sent to TrustMark for lodgement purposes and will also include the required ventilation calculations so that these do not need to be attached to PAS Hub now.

Evidence Amendment area for updating and editing ECO Documents

It is now possible to amend ECO Documents within PAS Hub. This currently supports the new CBSD and ESTC ECO Documents and will be expanded to support all other Evidence documents as they are released. There is a new Evidence Amendment area within a Job that will show all eligible documents that can be amended. Previous versions of a document will stored for audit purposes.

For further guidance and instructions, please refer to the latest PAS Hub release notes version 2.6.0.

26th August 2020

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