PAS Hub now automates job progress updates via email

20th May 2021

CoreLogic have made further enhancements to the PAS Hub desktop software, continuing to provide the best possible platform to clients and ensuring that the management of ECO and Retrofit jobs is seamless and efficient.

CoreLogic Retrofit Coordinator Service

PAS Hub now sends automated emails to Companies that have instructed CoreLogic Retrofit Coordinator Services with updates as a Job progresses at specific trigger points.

The emails will be sent at the following trigger points:

  • When a Retrofit Coordinator fails a Job and sends it back to the Installer
  • When a Measure Status changes to ‘Awaiting Installation’ (x1 email per measure)
  • When a Job Status changes to ‘Awaiting Lodgement’
  • When a Job Status changes to ‘Lodged’

There is also a new ‘Emails area’ for the Company within a Job which contains a record of all emails that have been sent for the Job and can be viewed within PAS Hub.

Please note: This is only enabled for CoreLogic Retrofit Coordinator Services; however, this is functionality that we aim to provide for all Retrofit Coordinator Services in a future release. Please contact CoreLogic to register your interest.

Survey Pack Update

The following changes to Surveys will be included in the next Survey Pack Update:

There will be a new PAS Risk Assessment document that will be generated as a standalone PDF as this is now a required Evidence document for ecmk and TrustMark. PAS Hub will automatically assign the Risk Assessment Evidence Category to the document.

Please note: PAS Risk Assessment data will no longer be output to the PAS Assessment Report.

The Ventilation Survey has been enhanced to enable the assessor to capture photos for each element, such as background ventilation and undercuts, per habitable and wet room, e.g. Background Ventilation for Habitable Room 1,2,3 etc. The photos will be output to the PAS Photo Pack with appropriate headings.

This will be released as a Survey Pack Update on 20/05/2021. Please ensure that you download Survey Packs on PAS Assessment as soon possible following this and you have active internet connection. Existing Assessments carried out before this date should be completed using the previous version.


For further guidance and instructions, customers should refer to the latest PAS Hub release notes.

If you require technical assistance, please call our client support team on 0333 123 4288.

20th May 2021

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