PAS Hub integrates with TrustMark Data Warehouse

5th May 2020

CoreLogic are pleased to announce we have received approval from TrustMark for CoreLogic’s PAS Hub software to integrate for automated lodgement to TrustMark’s Data Warehouse via their API.  This supports lodgement of both PAS 2030:2017 and 2019 measures.

Since the launch of CoreLogic’s PAS2035 mobile and desktop software for Assessors and Coordinators to carry out PAS2035 compliant Retrofit work, there has been growing interest from the ECO sector and those businesses working within Retrofit.

PAS Hub desktop software already works seamlessly with the mobile assessment app, where on-site information is collected and then submitted to PAS Hub. Here it is managed and then signed-off and can now be conveniently lodged directly to the TrustMark Data Warehouse.

Rob Cartwright, Energy Solutions Director, CoreLogic UK commented: “This is an important milestone for our PAS2035 Solutions, as it means PAS Hub customers no longer have to manually enter their completed PAS2035 jobs on the TrustMark data warehouse, saving them considerable administration time and removing the risk of manual error. It also means that PAS Hub will automatically hold the TrustMark data items required for notification of ECO work to suppliers, removing the risk of miss keying this information”

CoreLogic continue to add new functionality to the platform and are seeing growing sales as businesses take advantage of the current down-time to ready themselves for PAS2035 compliance, so that when they return they will benefit from a 20% uplift in value for the ECO work they deliver.

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5th May 2020

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