PAS Hub ECO Process Improvements

24th November 2020

CoreLogic have made further enhancements to the PAS Hub desktop software, continuing to provide the best possible platform to clients and ensuring that the management of ECO and Retrofit jobs is seamless and efficient.

ECO Process Improvements

There have been several improvements to PAS Hub to streamline the management and processing of ECO Measures within the platform. These include:

  • PAS Hub will now determine if an ECO Job is eligible under HHCRO Rural automatically based on the address of the Job and indicate if it is in the top right-hand corner of the Job Details page. The HHCRO Rural question within the ECO Eligibility Survey will be populated as default so that this is output to an ECO Measure Report. PAS Hub will check if a Job is eligible under HHCRO Rural on creating a new Job within PAS Hub or submitting a Job from the iPad.
  • The ECO Status for Measures has now been updated to include a new Validated (No Lot) Status. This indicates that there are no outstanding issues with the Measure data but that a Lot must still be assigned to the Measure so that it can be reported to a Funder/Supplier.
  • The ECO Measures area has now been updated to improve usability and assist in managing Measures. It is now possible to filter the ECO Measures based on the available columns and these have been reworked to remove redundant columns and add new ones, such as Installation Date and Handover Date.

  • PAS Hub will now display the errors that are returned from selecting the “Validate Measure” option on an ECO Measure within both the Job and the ECO Measures area. The errors are now shown after clicking the Failed ECO Status.

Other Changes

PAS Hub now allows you to edit the address and contacts of a Job within PAS Hub if the Job Status is at Lead. Jobs that have been submitted from the iPad will still require the Assessor to resubmit to correct these details so that a compliant document pack is generated.


For further guidance and instructions, customers should refer to the latest PAS Hub release notes version 3.5.0.

If you require technical assistance, please call our client support team on 0333 123 4288.

24th November 2020

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