New updates and improvements to PAS2035 solutions

1st July 2020

Today, CoreLogic announce further enhancements to the PAS Hub desktop software, bringing further efficiencies to ECO and Retrofit businesses and ensuring processes are compliant with the latest TrustMark lodgement requirements from 1st July 2020. The new software has been released to customers today and includes the following developments.

TrustMark Mandatory Requirements

In order to support the latest legislation from TrustMark, which comes into effect from 1st July 2020, including the mandatory requirement that an Insurance Guarantee is linked to every Measure lodged and the inclusion of ‘new construction types’ for High-Rise and Protected buildings, CoreLogic have made the following updates to the PAS Hub software.

  • ‘Job Evidence’ screen – now enables users to link one or more pieces of evidence to a measure, including an ‘Insurance Guarantee’ as well as other important documentation.
  • ‘Job Details‘ screen – now includes a ‘measure details’ section to record information such as the Insurance Guarantee name, certificate number and start date.
  • ‘Construction types’ – PAS Hub now supports the new TrustMark lodgement construction types for ‘High-Rise and Protected buildings’.

RCS Improvements

CoreLogic have improved the RCS acceptance of jobs process, allowing for a job to now be reviewed in a read-only state before it is accepted, giving the Retrofit Coordinator the option to accept or decline a job (providing a reason if declined), giving the Retrofit Coordinator more control and visibility of the projects they choose to accept.

ECO Improvements

To support new ECO functionality, CoreLogic have added an ‘ECO Eligibility’ section to the ‘Jobs Details’ screen, that captures information regarding HHCRO eligibility for a job. This will be used to generate the ECO Measure Report in a subsequent release.

Users are now able to configure contracts with Energy Suppliers within the ‘ECO Contracts’ section. This will allow users to select the Energy Supplier(s) that their Company has a relationship with, create the relevant Lot(s), and assign these to Measures within a Job.

Users now have access to the Deemed Scores Calculator within ECO Jobs.  This redirects the user to a different page that allows Deemed Scores to be calculated and the results will be returned to PAS Hub. There is no additional charge for using this functionality and it is available for all PAS Hub customers.

PAS2035 Retrofit App

Following the changes to our PAS Hub software, we have also updated our surveys as applicable within the PAS2035 Retrofit App, to ensure that both pieces of software are fully up to date and working seamlessly together.

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1st July 2020

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