New PAS Hub Customer Clinics

20th April 2021

CoreLogic are delighted to introduce a series of PAS Hub Clinics for customers who are using the PAS 2035 retrofit software and coordinator service. The clinics will run every two weeks on a Tuesday morning at 10-11am. Customers will be invited by email to join the clinic sessions, which will be hosted online.

The purpose of the clinics is the provide customers with the opportunity to ask any questions that they might have about the PAS Hub software functionality, or the Coordinator Service and for the CoreLogic account management and coordinator teams to provide updates on recent or upcoming changes.

During this busy and exciting time our software and services is continually evolving to ensure that we providing the most optimum levels of efficiency for customers and our regular release updates are part of this development, so it’s vital that we keep our customers fully informed about any changes and support them as much as we can.

The date for our first PAS Hub clinic will be Tuesday 27th April 10am – 11am which will focus on new functionality being released next week within PAS Hub that will give the installer improved visibility of the CoreLogic Coordinator process, as it is happening. If you’re a customer and would like details for the next PAS Hub Clinic, please get in touch with our support team on tel 0333 123 4288, or email

For details about our PAS2035 Retrofit Solutions please click here.

For more information about PAS 2035 – Retrofitting Dwellings for Improved Energy Efficiency, please visit TrustMark.




20th April 2021

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