New Job Reference to manage jobs across large scale projects on PAS Hub

5th November 2021

PAS Hub now allows users to create and manage ‘Job References’ which can be used to effectively manage Jobs across larger scale projects, contracts, or campaigns.

Job Reference Configuration

To create a new Job Reference within PAS Hub, open the Settings > Job References area, click Create Job Reference, and enter the name of the Job Reference.

Following this, you will be able to view a list of all existing Job References, and information regarding each one, such as the User that created it, and the date that it was created. It is also possible to edit existing Job References and PAS Hub will show the User that updated it, and the date that it was updated.

In addition, it is possible to filter on Job Reference Name using the Search bar. Job references can also be deleted if no longer applicable; however, the Job Reference must not be assigned to any Jobs. If you want to delete a Job Reference that has been assigned to one or more Jobs, then you will need to remove this from these Jobs first.

Assigning Job References

PAS Hub allows you to assign Job References that have been created within the Settings > Job References area using the Set Job Reference button in Job Details. This will prompt you to select an existing Job Reference from a drop-down list based on your configuration. Following this, it will be shown in the right-hand side of the Job Details.

To remove an assigned Job Reference from a Job, click Set Job Reference in Job Details, and then select Clear in the drop-down

Filter Job Reference

There is now a new Job List filter called Job Reference, in which you can select a Job Reference from a Drop-Down List. This will then return all Jobs that have that selected Job Reference set.

The assigned Job Reference will be removed from the Job if it is assigned to a Managing Agent or transferred to another Company. In addition, if the Job is assigned to a Managing Agent, then the Managing Agent will be able set their own Job References on the Job instead.

Other Changes

The Evidence area within a Job has now been updated with the following filters:

  • File Name
  • Uploaded By
  • Uploaded Date
  • Evidence Category
  • ECO Evidence Code
  • Send to ECO Hub
  • Uploaded to TrustMark
  • Send to iPad


For further guidance and instructions, customers should refer to the latest release notes emailed 4th November 2021.

For customers who require technical assistance, please call our client support team on 0333 123 4288.

5th November 2021

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