Mandating Surveys for Appointments functionality on PAS Hub

10th January 2022

This week CoreLogic have released PAS Hub version 6.19.1 which contains new functionality allowing users to mandate any combination of ECO Documents, Technical Surveys and GHG Forms for each Appointment. This functionality provides users with much greater control over the Surveys that an iPad User is completing, and assists in reducing the risk of having to re-visit the property due to missing information.

Configuring Mandatory Surveys

PAS Hub allows you to configure a set of default Surveys that you would like to mandate on Jobs, based on the Appointment Type and Measure combination that has been selected on Appointment Booking. The defaults can be set at Job-level, meaning that the Survey will be enabled as default for all Jobs, or at Measure-level, meaning that the Survey will be enabled as default only if the Appointment includes that specific Measure.

Sending Mandatory Surveys to the iPad

PAS Hub allows you to send Mandatory Surveys to the iPad when booking an appointment to ensure that they are completed before being submitted to PAS Hub. This will be prepopulated based on the default configuration that you have set up; however, can be amended on a Job-by-Job basis if required.

The Book Appointment option within a Job has now been updated to allow you to optionally select Measures from a drop-down list of PAS Measures when creating an Assessment or Technical Visit Appointment. This is still required for all Installation Appointments. Following this, based on the combination of the Appointment Type and Measures, the mandatory Surveys will then be prepopulated based on the configuration within the iPad Surveys area. It is then possible to override the mandatory Surveys by selecting additional Surveys or deselecting existing Surveys as required. The mandatory Survey(s) for a Job will be shown within the Appointment Details area.

RCS Rejecting Instructed Jobs

PAS Hub now allows Retrofit Coordination Services to reject any instructed Jobs that are no longer proceeding, either due to a decision by the Retrofit Coordinator or Installation Company. This will remove the Job from the Job List for the RCS and set the Job back to the New Status so that the Installation Company can instruct a new Retrofit Coordinator if required.


For further guidance and instructions, customers should refer to the latest release notes emailed 10th January 2021.

For customers who require technical assistance, please call our client support team onĀ 0333 123 4288.

PAS 2035 Retrofit Solutions

10th January 2022

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