eTech Launches Green Deal & ECO Community (GDEC)

10th October 2014

eTech feels there is something missing from the Green Deal/ECO industry, a facility to get together people working within the Energy Industry to share experiences, make contacts, support each other and hopefully learn a thing or two.


As such we have launched the Green Deal and ECO Community (GDEC), an initiative to regularly facilitate physical networking sessions over the coming months. This is not an eTech group, we are just a part of it and are here to kick things off, be participants and help to facilitate and encourage memberships. We are hoping that other companies and individuals will come forward to host some of the sessions, provide input and together build the idea and the events into something great.


More information on the group and how to get involved can be found on the dedicated LinkedIn group here.


We look forward to updating you on progress regularly.

10th October 2014

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