Improvements to PAS Assessment iPad App

23rd August 2021

CoreLogic have released the latest version of PAS Assessment (v2.8.0) the retrofit iPad App used for the collection of data for PAS 2035 Retrofit Assessments.

This new software release brings some significant useability improvements and time efficiency savings . The changes include:

The ‘Clone Job’ option has been updated, allowing users to select which Surveys to clone, providing flexibility when completing large projects on similar properties, such as blocks of flats or terraced housing, selecting only the relevant Surveys to clone.

There have been improvements to the address search functionality, ensuring that complete address data is now populated for all types of properties, even those in rural locations and flats.

It will now be possible to complete a Technical Survey Visit on a Job prior to the Retrofit Assessment being completed.

Improvements to managing photos within Surveys

Through user feedback, CoreLogic have recognised where improvements could be made in relation to managing photos.

The following improvements include:

  • Photos will now be sorted with the most recent photos first when importing.
  • The Keep Photo option will be enabled by default when importing photos from the App. It is possible to disable this option if you want to remove the photo.
  • There has been an improvement to photos that are imported from the iPad camera roll or other external sources to prevent storage issues within the App.
  • The size of the thumbnails that are shown for photos has been increased.

Planned Survey Pack Releases

CoreLogic have made changes to a number of PAS Assessment Surveys due to regulatory changes or edits on PAS Hub.

The following Surveys are planned for an update:

  • Declaration of Conformity and Completed Installation (DOCC)
  • Deemed Scores Survey (DSSY)
  • Social Housing EFG Declaration (EFGD)
  • Private Housing FTCH Declaration (PHFD)
  • EWI Technical Survey (PIBI)
  • PHI Technical Survey (PIBI)
  • CWI Technical Survey (PIBI)

NB. Any changes to individual Surveys will require a complete Survey Pack update. Please read the latest iPad bulletin for details and ensure that you download Survey Packs on PAS Assessment as soon possible following their release dates.

Further upcoming changes

As part of our ongoing commitment to continually improve our software and services for customers, CoreLogic have other changes planned to be released over the next month. These will include:

The ECO Data Capture and significant duplication across all Surveys within the iPad will be removed.

PAS Assessment will automate the Risk Assessment and determine the Risk Path of the Job based on the data that has been provided. This includes the iPad being able to calculate the Inherent Technical Risk of each Measure, the highest Inherent Technical Risk of all Measures, the highest Risk Combinations of Measures, and the overall Risk Path of the Job.


Please note that all Users must update to PAS Assessment v2.8.0 prior to Tuesday 14th September 2021. This is due to fundamental changes to how PAS Hub processes Evidence so earlier PAS Assessment versions will no longer be supported.


For further guidance and instructions, customers should refer to the latest iPad bulletin and recent update.

If you require technical assistance, please call our client support team on 0333 123 4288.

23rd August 2021

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