Extra Support for PAS Customers

10th November 2021

Having seen significant growth in our customer base over the past year, with an increasing number of software users and take up of our Retrofit Coordination Services, we are committed to providing the best level of customer care. Whilst we strive to develop the best technology and software solutions, we also place great value on our customer service and communication, taking onboard customer feedback by listening and learning. Over the past few months, we’ve been speaking to customers to find out ways we can improve our methods of customer support. By doing this, we are delighted to launch some new customer focused initiatives, some of which are already in operation and proving to have a positive impact.


We’ve made some changes to the way we onboard new customers. We want to ensure that once a client decides to sign-up, they get the best start possible, operating with complete confidence in our software and services. We now provide three standard training sessions as part of our account management implementation, with the addition of a technical session.

For Installers using our Retrofit Coordination Services, we also arrange a 1:1 session with an assigned account manager and Retrofit Coordinator, one week after their first job is submitted, to review the process and resolve any issues that may have occurred.

Clinic Sessions

Over the past few months, we’ve been running two drop-in clinic sessions online, which have been well attended by customers. We continue to run these sessions monthly and encourage customers to attend where possible, as they provide a valuable platform for open discussions and an opportunity to see live software demonstrations.

PAS Hub Clinic – for Installers using the CoreLogic Retrofit Coordinator Services

Whenfirst Tuesday of every month (10-11am)

This is an open discussion session, where Installers can ask questions about the software and services or raise any queries that they might have. It’s also an opportunity for CoreLogic to demonstrate upcoming changes to the software. A member of the CoreLogic PAS account management team and a Retrofit Coordinator will host the session. Customers will be invited and reminded to attend, and the sessions will run on the first Tuesday of every month.

Coordinator Question Time – for Retrofit Coordinators using the CoreLogic software

Whenlast Friday of every month (2-3pm)

This is an informative Q&A session designed for Retrofit Coordinators who might have questions about PAS Hub or the Retrofit Assessment Mobile App. They will also get the opportunity to ask questions about the coordinator process and PAS2035 in general. A member of the CoreLogic PAS account management team and ecmk accreditation will host the session. CoreLogic will also use the session to demonstrate any new software functionality. Prior to these sessions CoreLogic will ask Coordinators to send in their questions, so that responses can be fully prepared. The session will also include hints & tips and a report from ecmk on the top 5 audit fails from the previous month. Customers will be invited and reminded to attend, and the sessions will run on the last Friday of every month.

Note: Attendance to a ‘Coordinator Question Time’ session will be worth 1 hour CPD, awarded to the Coordinator by ecmk.

Software Release Notes

Customers will continue to be informed about software changes and updates with clear guidance on new functionality. This will be in the form of software release notes emailed directly to customers. In additional to this, from time to time we will run ad-hoc training sessions on new software functionality to support any major updates.

Technical Bulletins

We recently launched our first technical bulletin, written by our own inhouse technical specialists. These bulletins are designed to be informative and will focus on PAS related technical topics that are relevant and useful to customers. They will be issued on a quarterly basis and emailed directly to customers.

Meet the Team

A big part of our customer service is the personal touch, being able to speak or correspond directly with our Retrofit Coordination Team. We are very proud of the team we’ve built to date and the wealth of experience they bring, so we thought it would be great idea to put faces to names. Over the coming weeks we will introduce you to our colleagues within the Retrofit Coordination Team and tell you a little bit about them. Look out for our weekly bios!


PAS 2035 Retrofit Solutions

10th November 2021

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