eTech Green Deal & ECO Software soon to be released

20th December 2012

We have developed a comprehensive suite of Green Deal & Energy Company Obligation (ECO) applications and we are gearing up for Green Deal Finance being available in January 2013.


eTech’s Green Deal & ECO software enables:


  • Green Deal Advisors and Green Deal Advisory organisations – to manage and deliver Green Deal Advice reports.
  • Green Deal Providers – to manage and coordinate assessments, sale of measures, finance and installation.


Compliance – Integral to eTech’s Green Deal and ECO solution
Our solution captures data in accordance with the Green Deal code of practice – meeting the stringent requirements of ECO & Green Deal Finance Company reporting.


Proud to be Green Deal & ECO Software partner to a number of major energy suppliers
We are delivering Green Deal provision solutions and ECO reporting management platforms to a number of energy suppliers.


Spotlight on: eTech’s ECO Hub

The ECO hub enables an energy supplier to manage their ECO obligations – including:

  • The management of their delivery partners
  • The receipt, quality control and auditing of data
  • Consolidation and reporting to OFGEM.


Should you have any questions please contact or call 0333 1234 288. There are also a number of Green Deal Application videos available on our YouTube channel

20th December 2012

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