eTech clients lodge the first Green Deal Plans from data gathered on a mobile device

31st May 2013

We are delighted to announce that eTech’s customers were amongst the first to successfully lodge Green Deal Plans with the Green Deal Finance Company in May.


Significantly, the Green Deal Plans were generated from data captured in the field using our iPad based SMART Property Assessment App, and processed via our market leading Green Deal CRM system Property Hub. The integration of Property Hub to the Green Deal Finance Company means that our Green Deal Provider clients can now execute each step of the Green Deal customer journey through a fully integrated software platform. In short, this enables a GDP to:


  • Book and schedule assessments for their Green Deal Advisors (GDAs) from Property Hub
  • Using the SMART Property Assessment App, GDAs can assess the property to generate the EPC and complete the Green Deal Occupancy Assessment. The GDA can then present the Green Deal Advice Report on the iPad, and work through the formulation of the Green Deal Plan and financing options with the consumer
  • Post assessment, all data collected on the iPad is uploaded to Property Hub to enable the GDP to progress the installation of measures
  • If the Customer wants to change an element of the package to be provided after the home visit, this can be done on the Property Hub. The revised package can be modelled against the ‘Golden Rule’ in the Property Hub to ensure the payments don’t exceed the savings.
  • Once the installation is complete, the installer obtains sign-off from the Customer on eTech’s SMART Installer App
  • Following installation of measures, the Green Deal Plan can be registered via the Property Hub with the Central Registry and the Green Deal Finance Company


If you need further assistance or information on eTech’s Green Deal and ECO related products, please email us at or call us on 0333 1234 288.

31st May 2013

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