eTech Awards Night 2018

15th January 2019

Last Friday we celebrated our Annual Awards night in Birmingham along with our colleagues from the Corelogic London office.     The #Canalside provided us with a great venue to celebrate what has been an amazing year in many ways.    After dinner, the annual awards were presented before we danced the night away with a DJ and saxophonist.


This year’s winners were:

Happiest Colleague of the Year Award

Winner:                Steve Tsang

Runners Up:       Reiss Jarvis, Gavin Rooke, Andy Healey & Rebecca Evans


Organised Chaos Award

Winner:                Emma Fielder

Runners Up:       Joe Mellon, Steve Tsang


Where’s Wally Award

Winner:                Andy Healey

Runners Up:       Rob Gill, Adam Casey, Matt Smith, Oli Jacobs, Nirankar Bansall


Best Newcomer Award

Winner:                Sean Baker

Runners Up:       Chris Mander, Dan Hadley, Ellie Bingham


Most Helpful Colleague Award

Winner:                James Richmond

Runners Up:       Andy Healey, Chas Jarvis, James Neal


Employee of the Year 2018

Winner:                James Richmond

Runners Up:       Reiss Jarvis, Stephen Dyer, Steve the Cleaner


15th January 2019

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