EPC Lodgements now available via PAS2035 App

16th July 2020

CoreLogic are delighted to announce further developments to the PAS2035 Retrofit Assessment App.

Users of the software are now able to lodge EPCs for jobs that require them, directly from the RdSAP Assessment within the PAS2035 Retrofit Assessment App, through to ecmk’s Assessor Hub. This integration development has been welcomed, bringing further efficiencies to the Retrofit Assessment process.

Please note this only supports EPC lodgements that are completed through ecmk. If you would like to use this feature, please contact CoreLogic to enable EPC lodgements on your account. Contact our Support Team on 0333 123 4288 or supportUK@corelogic.com

Further changes:

Deemed Scores Calculator – There is now the option to use the Deemed Scores Calculator within the PAS2035 Retrofit App (where internet connection is available), allowing Assessors to calculate Deemed Scores onsite using the iPad App. The results will show up on PAS Hub after the job is submitted. No additional costs are incurred for using the calculator.

Address search – The PAS2035 Retrofit Assessment now allows Assessors to complete an address search to create or edit a job address, whilst onsite using the iPad App.

Clone a ‘job’ – It is now possible to clone an existing job, to copy all the existing data (other than photographs) into a new job within the PAS2035 Retrofit Assessment App.

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16th July 2020

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