ECO4 Score calculator is now LIVE

15th June 2022

CoreLogic has launched a brand new ECO4 Score calculator. This free to use software adheres to the current interim Government guidelines and will produce the most accurate Ofgem Full Project Scores (FPS) and draft Partial Project Scores (PPS).

The online calculator tool will help installers understand the costs associated with ECO4 projects. It’s simple to use and takes only a few minutes to complete the questions. You are then presented with the final Ofgem full project scores (FPS) and draft Partial Project Scores (PPS)*.

Rob Cartwright, Energy Solutions Director, CoreLogic UK commented: “I’m delighted to launch this free and easy to use ECO4 Score calculator.  ECO4 Scores are still a moving feast, and we will be releasing frequent updates to reflect changes as necessary over the coming weeks and months.”

CoreLogic’s calculator has many unique factors:

–  Uplifts are available within the Calculator, excluding the new uplifts proposed in Ofgem’s ECO4 Administration Guidance published on 13th June.

–  The ECO4 Calculator allows a rate to be entered for both the PPS and/or FPS so you should be able to model any type of contract that is being discussed

– Full Project Scores (FPS) and draft Partial Project Scores (PPS) available

– It is extremely user friendly and produces scores instantly

ECO (Energy Company Obligation) is a key policy in protecting low-income families unable to heat their homes effectively, whilst helping households reduce their carbon emissions, through the installation of energy efficient measures. The ECO3 interim phase is due to finish on 30th June this year, at which point ECO4 will come into effect. ECO4 is based around a whole-house approach, where Full Project Scores (FPS) are awarded against a package of measures installed to upgrade a home. The scoring methodology is significantly different to ECO3, but CoreLogic’s new tool has taken care of all the new calculations, so installers can save time, working out Project Scores with ease.

Access the ECO4 Score Calculator here.

Should you need any support using the ECO4 calculator, please call our customer helpline on 0333 123 4288.

* Please note that the partial project scores are still the draft version on our ECO4 calculator – Ofgem published the final PPS on 7th June. Our ECO4 calculator will be updated accordingly.

Watch our short ECO4 calculator demonstration below:

15th June 2022

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