CoreLogic have just updated the ECO4 Scores Calculator

5th July 2022

CoreLogic have just updated the ECO4 Scores Calculator with the final Full Project Scores (v2) and Partial Project Scores (v1) that Ofgem published on 13th June 2022.

In addition, there have been some additional changes that have been made based on the latest Scores and consultation information:


• POPT is now supported for all Measures excluding Solar PV and will be included in the Partial Project Score for each Measure. The change for Solar is due to follow shortly in a subsequent release.

• It is now possible to calculate the Scores for Projects that are eligible for LA and Supplier Flex Route 4 (BEIS Panel) including the 10% Uplift. There have also been additional changes for all Project-based Uplifts to include the relevant amount on the PPS of each Measure as well.

• The latest rates for the Building Fabric Repair Uplift have been included within the Calculator.

You can access our free ECO4 Calculator here. Watch our ECO4 Calculator demonstration below:

5th July 2022

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