CoreLogic employees volunteer at Northleigh House School

18th November 2022

CoreLogic UK support various local charities and this year have been focusing efforts on supporting Northleigh House School, based in Warwickshire.

Northleigh House School was established in 2012 to address the growing need for a safe, calm and progressive learning environment to help secondary aged children recover from the effects of high anxiety.

Over the past couple of months various teams from CoreLogic have been going out to the school and volunteering their services, by helping with maintenance tasks including gardening, painting and fixing broken fencing.

We are proud to support this school and delighted that we can directly help by donating our time to help fix and renew spaces around the school and grounds. It’s extremely rewarding to see the difference it makes. We’ve also been able to donate refurbished equipment such as desktops and laptops, which have been used to help the children with their learning.

Take a look at the photos below, to see what our teams have been up to:

Visit Northleigh House School’s website for more information about them.

18th November 2022

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