Celebrating 10 years!

16th August 2017

Celebrating 10 years since eTech lodged first EPC

O​​n 16 August 2007 the very first eTech Energy Performance Certificate was lodged. ​Fast forward ten years to today and eTech are still helping domestic energy assessors to undertake EPCs, capturing all relevant data and maintaining regulatory compliance. ​


EPCs were introduced in England and Wales on 1 August of 2007​​​. Initially part of Home Information Packs for properties with four or more bedrooms, the EPC requirement was soon extended to smaller properties and when HIPs were discontinued in 2010 the requirement for EPCs continued.


eTech quickly became established as the leading technology provider for the energy assessment market, enabling thousands of assessors to manage the full EPC process, including lettings inventories and floor plans as well as EPCs, on a mobile device.


The product offering subsequently expanded within the Energy Sector to provision of a solution enabling obligated energy suppliers & their supply chain to assess, install and report measures for ECO. This legislative requirement placed responsibility on suppliers to reduce household CO2 emissions & help people in fuel poverty by installing energy efficiency measures, calculate the carbon & cost savings generated and to report them to Ofgem.  The EPC also underpins Green Deal Finance calculations, and eTech is a market-leading provider.


Since then, expansion into the residential surveying industry has brought a new vertical market with the opportunity to introduce technology to an historically underinvested sector, with products offering panel managers and surveyors comprehensive solutions for the lending and surveying journey.


In ten years over 2.9 million EPCs have been lodged to date using eTech software and we look forward to continuing to help assessors in years to come.









16th August 2017

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