Automated PAS Risk Assessment Calculations

6th December 2021

CoreLogic have released an update to the PAS Assessment which now includes automated PAS risk assessment calculations that will determine the Risk Path of the Job for users. These calculations will return the Inherent Technical Risk of each Measure, including any required adjustments, compare each of these to return the highest Inherent Technical Risk for the Job, and compare all Measures against the Measures Interaction Matrix as defined within PAS 2035:2019 to return the highest risk combination of Measures.

The following changes have been made to PAS Assessment to support this change:

  • There is a new read-only Inherent Technical Risk question within the Proposed Energy Efficiency Measure section. This will be calculated using the Base Inherent Technical Risk, and then includes any adjustments based on the Measure, such as if the Installer is operating under a quality assurance scheme.
  • There is a new read-only Highest Risk Combination of Measures question within the Conclusion section. This will compare all Measures to return the most severe Risk Combination for the Job to determine the Risk Path based on the Measure Interactions Matrix as defined in PAS 2035:2019.


For further guidance and instructions, customers should refer to the latest release notes emailed 6th December 2021.

For customers who require technical assistance, please call our client support team onĀ 0333 123 4288.

PAS 2035 Retrofit Solutions

6th December 2021

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