Advanced job list filters in PAS Hub

28th September 2021

The Job List has now been updated with reworked filters so that Users can filter Jobs based on advanced criteria. The new filters can be combined and used in conjunction with one another to finetune the Jobs that are returned, e.g. if you set the Cancelled Jobs filter to Yes and the Job Status filter to New, then this would then show any Jobs that were Cancelled at New Status. The Cancelled Jobs filter could also be set to No in this case to exclude Cancelled Jobs from the results and only show Jobs at New Status.

PAS Hub will display the filters that have been set within the Job List and you can choose to remove individual filters using the x icon or use the Clear All Filters option to remove all filters.

In addition, the Job List can now also be sorted based on the following fields in ascending or descending order:

• Job ID
• Address
• Job Path
• RCS Reporting Status
• Construction
• Job Status

For further guidance and a full list of filters, customers should refer to the latest release notes v6.13.0.

If you require technical assistance, please call our client support team on 0333 123 4288.

28th September 2021

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